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Oprah Inspired, Parents Achieved – The Building Blocks Nursery School Raffle

Today was remarkable. What I dreamed came true. Thanks to Oprah’s The Big Give reality program from a few years ago, I dreamt that we, the parents of Building Blocks Nursery School, could help make a difference. Today a community of parents and local Brampton and Caledon businesses rallied together to raise over $5500 for Building Blocks Nursery School – the awesomely nurturing school which has been in the community for 25 years and has to find a new home for the 2012/2013 school year. The money we have raised will be used towards the substantial rent increase the school has been dealt for the upcoming school year.

Thank you to everyone – all family and friends who sold and bought tickets, all businesses and parents who contributed prizes, to Miranda and Nicola who helped with ticket sales, the raffle, communication to parents and the community, to my friends at work who donated their time and materials to design and print the tickets and to my family for their support (we can now eat at the dining table again).

Most importantly THANK YOU to the teachers – all of you – who have built this amazingly special school as you give so much to our children and their education. Thank you!

Today at lunch time we conducted the raffle for the 40 prizes! We have posted a list of all of the prizes and the winners on the school’s bulletin board outside the JK classroom. If you are a winner or know a winner please will you claim your prize at the school with the teachers before the end of this week. (Canada Post isn’t helping us to deliver the prizes.)

Here is the list of prizes and winners. (I apologize for any spelling mistakes.)

LG Smart TV Upgrader: ticket #1974 Charanjit Sohal (claimed)
The Core Condition – 5 Bootcamp classes: ticket #2726 Kyle Windover
The Core Condition – 5 Bootcamp classes: ticket #0712 Helena Luis
The Core Condition – 5 pilates classes: ticket #0853 Tracey Coleman
The Core Condition – 5 pilates classes: ticket #1518 Jennifer Selvaggi
Shannon Walker art class: ticket #0282 Vito Fera
Argo tickets: ticket #1868 Sheila Leger
itrain hockey intensive training: ticket #2718 Sadru Kaba
Lollipop books and Chapters gift card: ticket #0083 Cathy Lesario
Family Passes to Cineplex – ticket #0801 Susan Bartlett (claimed)
Party at More Fun with Bounce – ticket #1478 Mike Palumbo (claimed)
Passes for Tip of the Tee – ticket #1118 Enid Hallsworth (claimed)
$25 at Heartlake Drycleaning – ticket #0897 Angie Del Degan
$25 at Heartlake Drycleaning – ticket #0407 Kathy Bleakly
$25 at Heartlake Drycleaning – ticket #0089 Liam & Eli Craig
$25 at Heartlake Drycleaning – ticket #2027 Carlyle Butchart
Tupperware prize pack – ticket #1687 Kim Chapman
Brampton Theatre School – ticket #1511 John Good
Berryview Farms – 20lbs pick your own apples – ticket #1818 Elida Rosset
Berryview Farms – Flat of strawberries – ticket #2684 Darul
8 Markus Cds – ticket #1768 Matt Brown
Yogaloft – 5 class pass – ticket #1937 Inderjit Brar
Avon Gift basket – ticket #2558 Chris Leger
$100 The Keg gift certificate – ticket #1063 John Marji
$150 Eagle Glen golf certificate – ticket #0348 Helen Clegg
$200 in services with Auto Magicians – ticket #1014 John Crawford
XM Satellite Radio – ticket #0913 Jagjit Virdee
Il Tocco Magico Salon gift certificate – ticket #0384 Kuljeet Chhineer
Dietitians of Canada cookbook – ticket #1780 Catherine Brown
$300 Auto painting with FH Collision – ticket #1390 Melanie Coschignano
$300 Auto painting with FH Collision – ticket #1180 Raj Singh
$25 Ellis Flowers gift certificate – ticket #2047 Mark O’Donnell
$25 Ellis Flowers gift certificate – ticket #1033 Rob Pelligrino
$100 The Keg gift certificate – ticket #0215 Kelly Brown
Lena’s Gifts Floral Arrangement – ticket #0721 Anthony Sciarra
Lena’s Gifts Floral Arrangement – ticket #0855 Tracey Coleman
Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush – ticket #2696 Colin Hynes (claimed)
$75 Chapters gift card – ticket #1550 Sheila Butchart
$50 Best Buy gift card – ticket #1914 Carolyn Modi
$25 Rona gift certificate – ticket #2564 Julie Burbury

The sales incentive of 2 bottles of wine – we had one winner in the morning and one in the afternoon. The Butchart family in the morning (likely many of Toronto’s finest paramedics are Building Blocks supporters). Unfortunately I don’t have the spelling for the afternoon family.

The rent increase that the school has received from Heart Lake United Church is sizable. I hope we can think of other ways to help the teachers chip away at it. Please share your ideas here – it takes a community to raise a child. I believe it also takes a community to support our valued resources.


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