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NounSens-ical Fun!

My family loves to play board games – our favourites are ones which make us laugh and talk and generally relax. We were recently introduced to a new game called NounSense by the wonderful people at OurKids and here is our review.

If you enjoy reading and filling in the blanks with the Mad Lib books, this game is for you. The object of the game is to be the first player who completes their story with nouns and collects the most points. To begin the game, each player picks a story card (but shouldn’t read it). Each story card has blanks on it – this is where the nouns go. You find the nouns on this board which has all the nouns you can use to complete the stories. (When I first saw the board I was skeptical that the sticky stuff was going to let us reuse the nouns but not to worry it is great.) Then you take turns moving your marker around the board, landing on spots which tell you how many nouns you can peel and stick into your story.

My boys were so excited to complete their stories that they didn’t want to wait for their turn. This caused some problems because while they tried to wait for their turn they would read their stories to themselves and giggle. Of course when one giggles the other wants to know why….
We had so much fun since we first played the game about a month ago, my ten year old son has asked to play it at least once week since.

A few details: We have played without keeping score as the points are not really necessary. Instead we see who can make the others laugh the loudest and longest with the funniest story. We recommend that when you play you don’t look at the Wild Words as you pick them otherwise these will be the nouns that everyone wants first (causing arguments and competitiveness to crush the fun).

As a mom, I really enjoyed listening to my son who is in Grade One read his story. Some of the words were a bit challenging for him which was great! My son who is in Grade 4 loved the freedom to make up the silliest sentences possible.


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This Holiday We Were Board

For the first time since I have been in the work force (and this has been a while – some may say a long while), I have been fortunate to have the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day as holiday. With the lack of good snow in the immediate area for skiing and tobogganing, my boys (all 3) and I have needed something else to entertain us. We didn’t have to look very far as some generous relatives gave us new board games – Scabs ‘n Guts from Imagination Games (http://www.imaginationgames.com/) and Creationary from Lego (www.lego.com).  The games are very different but equally challenging and fun for a wide range of ages. We also re- introduced a couple of games from a few years ago.

A Game That Creates Belly Laughs and Big Smiles

As is tradition in our family, after Christmas dinner, we play a game. This year the selection was Scabs & Guts, a game the boys had received as a gift from their aunt who is a nurse. This is NOT your traditional educational game.  The best way to describe it is biology for boys dressed up with the sense of humour close to Jim Carrey’s. I think we all learned something new that night – whether it was alternative uses for urine, facts about boogers or that my 5 year old is a stand up comedian. Once we had finished going around the board, we continued to play with my 8 year old being the quiz master. Everyone – young and old – had a great time.

After the excitement of Christmas had worn off and some boredom started to creep into the

Challenges your ability to turn pictures into models

house, we opened the second game we had received over the holidays – Creationary. This object of this game is exactly as it sounds – Pictionary but you have to create using Lego. Our family loves Pictionary – we could play for hours and almost pee our pants (a biproduct of the game not an alternative use) as we laugh at some of the drawings and guesses. Creationary is a pretty close second. How do you create a rug out of Lego so that someone can guess what it is? Or how about the difference between a bucket and a basket? While a bit advanced for my youngest creator, we all had a great time together as a family and helping each other with creations. In another year or two, Creationary will become a marathon in our house I am quite sure.

Relive Moments from The Movies

Some days this holiday, I have found it more enjoyable to join in with the boys playing video games versus trying to pull them off. So we re-introduced two video games that we can play as a family. While a few years old, Disney’s Sing It  struck a chord with us as we can now all read (or just about). Sing It is a hit with my boys who love many Disney movies and all ready know the words to many of the songs. Being able to sing like Troy Bolton put a huge grin on my little rock star’s face! The competition has been fierce between the youngest and the eldest as to who can achieve the highest score. With the holidays not over yet, the title is up from grabs.

While I like to rock out to a good Hannah Montana song, I prefer to do my best Go-Gos imitation while performing as part of Rock Band. Here all four of us can play collaboratively and do our best to complete the tour. I like to think that the boys are working on their hand eye coordination as well as team work as we play. I think it is important for my children to see hubby and I having fun and acting a bit goofy at times. We can’t always be the boring Dr and Mrs “No”.

We hope you are having (or have had) a fabulous and safe holiday season and haven’t been bored!

This post is my opinion only and has not been solicited by any manufacturer, pr company or other.

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