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Outstanding Entertainment for Children

My boys were fortunate that their nana was able to take them our local library last week to experience the interactive Zoo Tek show. (

When I came home from work, they (including my mother-in-law) told me all about the rabbit, the snakes, the lizards that they learned about and were able to touch. My youngest told me about pretending to be a pirate – he had a parrot on his shoulder. Given the amount of conversation over dinner, it was an outstanding hour of entertainment for the children and the parents – where everyone came away learning something.

I was surprised that the boys didn’t ask us if we could have a pet. I have been waiting for this question for 8 years and have never been asked or pestered. We have had fish but they were not very exciting or interactive and ended up being more work for me – wish they made a self cleaning tank or fish came with instant pooper scoopers.

Zootek gave the boys a peek at animals – I hope this carries them over for a little bit longer before we get the “Can we have a pet?” question. Let’s see.


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What Became of Calvin?

Whatever happened to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes comic strip fame?

As a child, he was an extremely creative thinker, problem solver and explorer. He usually had a response to a situation or a question and more often than not, he had a unique perspective on situations. Calvin, living in his cartoon world, was often encouraged by his good friend, Hobbes, to pursue his interests and find answers.

As Calvin grew up, did he continue to be passionate, inquisitive, and a one of a kind thinker?

In my imagination, Calvin grew up to become Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group – an outstanding entrepreneur with an incredible zest for life and a larger than life personality.

Who do you think Calvin grew up to be?

Calvin and Hobbes Make The Most of Everything

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Where to start?.. with a smile!

Since I decided to write a blog, I have been collecting various ideas, links to articles, etc. . I would love to organize them so that there is some logical flow however, that takes time away from something else like time with my children, husband, friends, work, sleep…

The overall theme that I want to share is any parent and child time is important whether over homework, good night stories, driving in the car or watching tv. I like to make the most of the time that I do have. We don’t have to talk about indepth topics- we can sing, tell jokes, play games or simply smile and laugh.  The most important part for me is we are creating “remembories”-a term my son coined when he was 2 and joined the words – remember and memories together.  Remembories last a lifetime for both you and your child. Make some together today.

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