The Cold Didn’t Stop Us

Was it cold this weekend? We didn’t feel it. We were too busy being Canadians and playing road hockey on Saturday. When the eldest was invited to skate on a neighbour’s pond, our youngest decided he wanted someone else to play hockey with him – and he didn’t mean mom or dad. He created “Tony”. Tony was born from a conversation with his dad about practicing his shots on net and aiming for the corners – not the middle where the goalie stands.

Made with imagination

Junior Hallsworth came running inside and jumped on the computer to find a good picture of a goalie in his net. He then printed it off and with his dad’s help they developed Tony – our family goalie, who is made out of plywood.

Tony worked hard on Saturday as both boys and a friend spent close to 2 hours taking shots on him. I expect that dear Tony will have lots of puck marks on him by the end of the season. Fortunately he can’t speak otherwise I think he would complain violently about the shots to his head.

No one complained about the temperatures and their pink cheeks and lack of conversation at bedtime were indications that they had a good time. Let’s hope that as the temperatures rise and fall over the course of this bizarre winter, Tony can help us get up and go some more.


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