Real-ity Games for Children

Every year, we have a Christmas party mixing friends and family from various social groups which can create some social anxiety for the children. To help everyone relax, I try to find an outside source of entertainment to give our little friends a common ground. This year, Dynamix Adventures came to the house and led the group in a 2 hour series of co-operative games. They played tic, tac, toe in teams, noodle catch, calculator codebreaking and my favourite – Puzzle solving relay – with mini trolleys that required teams to pull team mates from one side of the room to the other – even some of the moms joined in the fun. These games involved every child – ages 3 to 10. Most of the activities were aimed at the 8 to 10 year olds. At the end of the activities, every child earned a prize from the treasure chest.

Following Dynamix and a break for dinner, I led the children in an annual Amazing Race which I create every year. Here are the stations and clues for this year’s- some are Minute To Win It activities and others I dreamed up or found online. In true Amazing Race fashion, there are Detours and Roadblocks. This year I think I made it a bit too difficult as only one of the 3 teams of 5 completed every task. So if you use each of the tasks as I have detailed below then I think they are best suited for ages 10 to 12. I have added some hints and links to give more detail.

Task #1:
Who feels like having a ball of fun?
Choose 1 team member to do this challenge.
In the basement find the adult with the gold Christmas ornaments. You have to fan the ornament from the start line to the finish line using a book. No hands! (the air current generated by the fan moves the ornament along the ground. The trick is to find the right angle to move the ornament.)
When you have completed this challenge to the adult’s approval, you will receive your next clue.

Task #2
Detour: Which sense makes the most sense? Hear or Touch
Pick one and then find where this activity is.

Hear (in the family room)
In hearing, teams have to make up a rap song that incorporates the 3 words they will receive from the judges in the family room. Once the team has made up the song, sung it for the judges and received thumbs up from the judges they will receive their next clue. All members of the team must participate.

Touch (in the kitchen)
All team members need to be blindfolded and touch items in 4 bowls – one bowl at a time. They need to correctly identify the items in each bowl in order to receive their next clue.

Task #3
Candy Cane Race – on the top floor
Each team member needs to move 1 candy cane from the one pile to another – using only another candy cane in their mouths. No hands.
Once all members of the team have completed the task to the satisfaction of the judge they will receive their next clue.

Task #4
Roadblock: Who is the tallest?

In the studio, stack four layers of cups with paper plates in between. All of the cups need to be used. 5 levels ending with 1 cup on the top.

Task #5
Who likes to wear belts? 2 people to participate.
In the main hall, two players with a cord around them both need to move 1 ornament around the cord to the tree. Once completed to the judge’s satisfaction, the team will receive their next clue.

Task #6:
Unscramble these words.
Envelope number #2
In the basement play the game

“Tweeze me.”

Each member of the team uses tweezers to move 1 Tic Tac each from one bowl to another. Once complete they will receive their next clue.

Task #7:
Detour: Choose between 2 tasks – Bottom’s Up or Play It By Ear

Bottom’s Up: In the hall, knock over bottles with a yo-yo tied to your waist

Play it By Ear: In the basement, place five cans with varying quantities of pennies in the correct order

Once the task has been completed the adult will give you your next clue.

Task #8:
Chocolate UnicornMeet the adult in the kitchen. Using one hand, each team player must stack 5 snack cakes on their forehead and have it stay there to the count of 3.
Once complete – race to the mat in the front hall!



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