Put Some Bounce In Your New Year

With the weather turning wet and messy, I needed to find a dry activity which would help work the beans out of my boys. Through twitter I heard about Skyzone Sports in Mississauga – a new indoor trampoline park. So we headed there with some friends on New Year’s Eve. My personal goal was to tire the boys out so they would go to bed at a decent time that night.

This place is fantastic – wall to wall trampolines for 3D dodgeball, 4 rows of trampolines that end in a foam pit and a soccer field sized area of just trampolines. As we arrived at opening time (10am on Saturdays), we had the place to ourselves. If I hadn’t forgotten to have waivers completed by the other parents as we picked up their children, we would have been bouncing immediately (Notes: be sure to have a waiver completed for each child before you arrive at the centre – saves lots of time AND they are MANDATORY. They have lockers – bring your own lock! Wear good socks – you have to wear their shoes – which have been sprayed with disinfectant. )

We (yes, I was a very active participant as well) explored everywhere. With children between the ages of 6 and 9, 1 hour of bouncy was just right. For the younger ones it was perfect. For the older ones, they could have likely played dodgeball for another half hour. It has been two days and my buttocks are certainly letting me know that an hour was plenty! What a great workout!


Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park - Mississauga

this is a good family and friends outing when the weather isn’t co-operating.


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