Beating Boredom a Minute at a Time

Within 30 minutes of friends coming over to our house on Saturday afternoon, the taunting had started amongst the group of 9 year olds and boredom was setting in. I wanted to test a few of this year’s Amazing Race tasks for our annual party and what better way than to try them out with the future participants. Setting up the laptop computer on the kitchen table, I opened the Minute To Win It website and began asking them which game they would like to try. Immediately, the group crowded around the computer and watched the short instructional videos and said – oh I bet we can do that one. We gathered the necessary materials and tried a number of the games including Brush with Danger, Candelier and 4 Kings.

None of the games were easy to accomplish. We didn’t bother with the time restriction of a minute. We simply tried to work out how to complete the task. I love these challenges for so many reasons – the children are actively problem solving collaboratively, they are generally up off the coach, there are so many challenges you can find one that each participant is good at and finally, the cost of the materials is close to zero for most of the games as you are using household items.

Maybe now we could have another evening of Minute To Win It Challenges – perhaps a friendly game amongst the family over the holidays?!


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