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Putting for an Eagle

Driving to Success

As we planned out our summer in May and June, my husband and I realized that nana (my mother in law) would not have the stamina to look after our boys for a number of weeks straight as she has in previous years. We had already registered our boys in 2 weeks at Kids Inc and another week at The Amazing Rainforest during the summer. We didn’t want to “overcamp” the boys so they were in something every single week and didn’t get some free play time. But we needed an activity that we thought the boys would enjoy and nana would be able to comfortably help us pick up and drop off the boys. That’s when we found Turnberry junior golf camp held at th

e Turnberry golf course on Bovaird in Brampton.

This past summer they offered 8 week individual weeks of golf camp for children ages 6 and up. Camp started at 8:30 and ran to 12:30 including lunch for a cost of approximately $250 each week. Rain or shine! If your child didn’t have clubs, the golf would lend them a set for the week. Neil and Joanne were the certified golf instructors who divided the group of children into two – junior and senior and spent each day working on different parts of the game. On the Friday, the campers were taken through a series of activities to demonstrate their learning over the week. Parents were invited to come for the last portion of the morning to see how their children were doing and enjoy a barbecue.

Each day our boys tell us what they were learning and how much fun they were having. They were always excited in the morning to go to camp and keep practicing. By the weekend after the week of camp, all 4 of us went to the driving range at Turnberry where the boys were able to demonstrate to me their skills. They weren’t shy to offer me tips as well!

Since the week of camp, we have been back to the driving range a number of times. I am hoping that in a few years all 4 of us will be able to play a round together. Maybe this will be a way we can spend time as a family – even during the teenage years.

An Added Bonus: On the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, in the beautiful Indian summer, we went back to Turnberry to show grandma and grandpa how the boys are doing. We also enjoyed dinner in the clubhouse. Finally a good restaurant in the neighbourhood that wasn’t super busy and had good food, amazing service and reasonable prices.


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