Built by Kids – A DIY Site for Kids and Parents

Today I found this article all about a website devoted to do-it-yourself projects that parents and children can do together! I am in heaven! Check it out for yourself!

For Kids, a D.I.Y. Web Site
Published: September 21, 2011
Last winter, Timothy Dahl, founder and editor of the six-year-old home improvement blog Charles & Hudson (charlesandhudson.com), and his wife, Laura, a fashion designer, learned that she was pregnant. In addition to the usual prenatal preparations, they developed Built by Kids (builtbykids.com), a Web site devoted to do-it-yourself projects that parents and children can collaborate on, like herb gardens planted in a wheelbarrow, refurbished tatami tables and handmade wagons. The tasks were tested and refined during a series of daylong workshops with friends at the couple’s Los Angeles bungalow.

Their intention is to revive some of the backyard know-how that children had before the distractions of television, video games and other off-the-shelf entertainment, Mr. Dahl said. The do-it-yourself movement is enjoying a long, fashionable run as an alternative to consumer culture, he added, but when children are involved, the results are “too often dismissed as disposable ‘crafts.’ ”

The site went live on Sept. 5, and two days later Ms. Dahl gave birth to their son, Hunter. Asked what Hunter’s first project might be, Mr. Dahl said it would most likely be something to do with gardening.

“Kids as young as 2½ like to sit and feel the dirt,” he said. “It’s so visceral.”


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