Just Your Basic Water Toys

Today is the hottest day of the summer so far – over 40 degrees celsius with the humidity! No freezing office air conditioning for me – I am on holiday with my boys and we are loving our staycation! Our toys of choice for this weather are a blow up Canadian Tire special pool that fits the whole family, a children’s sprinkler that this 6 years old, water balloons from the dollar store and a sponge with a bucket. Add water and a couple of friends and we have hours of entertainment!

The fun in the pool is probably pretty evident – playing catch, swim races, doing handstands, making whirlpools. The sprinkler isn’t your everyday back and forth variety. It is a volcano that squirts water up and out every 30 seconds. Boys being boys like to pick it up and hold it like they are shooting a cannon and use it as a big water gun to soak their friends. The shrieks of laughter can be heard a number of streets over.

There are a number of games that we play with water balloons – starting with counting how many don’t have holes in when they are blown up.(They are from the dollar store. What do you expect?) We put some in the pool and have a competition to see whose balloon survives when they throw it up as high as possible and let it come back down when it hits the water. Other games include – pairing up and throwing the water balloon between them. When a pass has been successfully completed and the water balloon is caught and intact each person in the pair steps back. Keep going until the team that is the furthest apart with their water balloon intact is the winner. Finally, who doesn’t love a good water fight with water balloons!

In a water fight anything can become a projectile – as long as it holds water. I am personal fan of Nerf balls – which they don’t seem to manufacture like they did in the 80s. (sigh the gold old days). So we use sponges instead. Outside of water fights, sponges are good for another game called Drip, Drip, Drop. It is a water version of Duck, Duck, Goose but is much cooler with the 7 and older crowd. The group forms a circle and one person is choosen to walk on the outside of the circle. This person has a wet sponge (likely the hotter the day, the wetter the sponge). They walk around the outside of the circle and say Drip, drip, drip. As they pass a person instead of patting them on the head they sprinkle a drop of water from the sponge – giving the person a kiss of water. When they say drop, they squeeze the sponge of water onto the target’s head and then run around the circle back to that person’s spot and the target tries to tag them.

So much fun and laughter on a hot, hot day.


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