A Birthday Party With A Kick of Self Confidence

When my almost 6 year old son told me that he would like a Ninjago birthday party, at first I wasn’t sure how to bring this idea to life. Then with some help from friends on twitter and facebook, the idea for a karate birthday party was born. Did you know that many karate schools will host birthday parties? I do now and our party was awesome!

After calling around to various dojos in the Brampton and Caledon area, we found The Acadaemy of Martial Arts on Main Street in Brampton. They offer 2 hour birthday parties which includes a one hour karate lesson, games, pizza and drinks all for $15 per participant! (you bring the cake and a knife). The 10 boys who celebrated my son’s birthday loved every minute they were in the dojo. Sarah, a vibrant teenage instructor, taught the boys a series of blocks and kicks. Each child was able to practice with an instructor or with the visiting silent Ninja – their “special guest”. As the boys learned the moves, they built up to learning how to break a board. You could see their chests swell with pride when they successfully broke the board.

Then the games began! Ninja stars (rubber ninja stars) were throwed by the instructors at the boys and the boys had to dodge them. If they were hit then they were out. The last man standing was crowned the Ninja. Dodgeball karate style! The next game was Crazy Ninja (essentially tag with one of the blockers). The player who was the crazy ninja had a blocker – if they touched a player with the blocker the player was out.

We had some help with the birthday cake. Rose at Essence Cakes has been making my son’s birthday cakes for about 3 years and every year she outdoes herself. I don’t know how she will top this year’s – a 3D foot tall Ninjago made out of icing on top of a cake made to look like Lego.

In addition to the loot bags I had prepared, the dojo gave every participant a pass to try a class for free plus the birthday boy received a t-shirt from the school. I know he will have fond memories when he wears it.

At the end of the party, the boys were tuckered out (sugar highs only last so long). Their energy levels might have lowered but their self confidence rose a little bit as they learned something new and did something they may have only ever dreamed of.


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  1. Great idea! Love channelling the boys energy this way!

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