Amazing Summer Camp – The Amazing Rainforest in Bolton

I must tell you more about the Amazing Rainforest and the program that they offer children in and around the Bolton, Ontario area.

My boys went to their summer camp last year and their spring break program this year. Everyday they came home with big smiles on their faces and something new to tell us about.

Here is what The Amazing Rainforest is offering this summer:

July 4th to 8th: Junior Camp = Body Works, Senior Camp = CSI Forensic Science
July 11 to 15: Medieval Times for both Junior and Senior (plus $20 for the trip)
July 18 to 22: Magic & lllusion for both Junior and Senior
July 25 to 29: Junior Camp = Lego Mania, Senior Camp = Entrepreneur
August 2 to 5: Rainforest Mirror for both Junior and Senior, French Immersion program is offered and the theme is Photography
August 8 to 12: Junior Camp = Caledon Explorers, Senior Camp = Entrepreneur
August 15 to 19: Junior Camp = Lego Mania, Senior Camp = Electricity
August 22 to 26: Junior Camp = Medieval Times, Senior Camp = Photography
August 29 to Sept 2: Junior Camp = Lego Mania, Senior Camp = Robotix – Mindstorm

Junior Camp is ages 5 to 7. Senior Camp is 8 to 12.
Cost for 9 to 4pm program is $185 per child, cost for 8 to 6pm is $195 per child
*plus 13% tax
To register, call The Amazing Rainforest at (905) 857-2467.

Additionally the campers do a presentation on the Friday of each session to the parents at 4pm! See what your child has learned for yourself!

Here is a description of each of the weeks:
CSI: Become an investigator and discover how the experts solve a crime. Through various labs and a case study, children will learn about Forensic Science, how to collect evidence, examine it and problem solve a mystery. Labs include: Hair ID, Fingerprint Lifting, Dental Impressions, Shoe Impressions, Fibre Analysis, Counterfeit Cheques and Handwriting ID.

LEGOMANIA: Through various building projects and teamwork, children will build tall structures, ships, cities, vehicles that can perform tasks, hold various loads, endure stability tests and exhaust the creativity of young LEGO lovers.

ROBOTIX: Mindstorms: Using LEGO elements, children will build robots, program them to perform tasks such as: walk, talk, dance, hold a ball. Mindstorms NXT features the latest in robotic technology: an advanced 32-bit microcontroller, smart sensors and interactive motors.

Electricity: Build simple circuits or your very own electric car. Girls and boys will enjoy creating simple mechanical and battery operated projects out of household objects.

Rainforest Mirror: Children can paint their very own snake, lemur, jaguar, frog and toucan mirror and take it home. Mirror size approximately: 18″ x 24″

Photography: The week focuses on imaging and capture techniques, creativity and concept. Kids will take home a small portfolio of photos. There will be a display of the photos during the Friday presentation.

Caledon Explorers: Explore Caledon Trails, Historical Sites and its changes. Takes place indoors and outdoors.

Medieval Times: Build a castle, catapults, drawbridges and a trebuchet. Children will make costumes, perform small skits and enjoy storytelling.

Bodyworks: Explore the human body and its systems through hands on experiments like: measuring your lung capacity, reaction time, heart rate, and more. Construct models of lungs, the joints and make a skull out of clay.

Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is someone who is innovative, responsive to change and sees new opportunities. Kids have a natural ability to find creative solutions to everyday situations. During this week, kids will create a product or sevice, prepare a business plan and business card. Informative presentations from various business administrators are given.

Magic Tricks: Children will learn about illusions. Learn magic tricks and provide a magical performance for you.

Various field trips are held during select weeks such as: Fantasy Fair, Albion Conservation Area, Medieval Times, Caledon Historical Sites, etc.


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