These Teachers Need Your Help

Outstanding Teachers Who Need Your Help

As I write this post, I am devestated and appalled. I am appealing to everyone for advice and any help you can offer.

The wonderful teachers at Building Blocks Nursery School , a privately owned school in Brampton that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this school year, were told on Wednesday May 4th that their lease will not be renewed at Heart Lake United Church for this September. Historically, the church has renewed the lease every year in February/ March timeframe. The school, which offers half day pre-school, junior and senior kindergarten programs to a maximum of 48 students per half day, has 90% enrollment for this coming fall.

The children in the area need this school and so do their parents. The teachers are so caring and loving not only to the children but to the parents as well. Everyday the teachers talk to parents at drop off and pick up. We know everything that is going on in the classroom and how our children are learning. We know what areas to help them with – academically and socially. We know that our children are ready for grade one (english or french immersion) and full days of school when they leave Building Blocks as they are taught to listen, ask questions, as well as social skills. The teachers are engaged in their program – they refine it every summer. Since I started being a parent at the school 7 years ago, the teachers have introduced Super Brain Yoga, science experiments, new games and music and art. The children love going to school – they are excited to be in the classroom. Joanne Freer and Karen Sanger, the principle teachers and owners of Building Blocks, show their passion for their students everyday. “There is such a great satisfaction in helping children discover all their strengths, and at the same time observing their sense of wonder”, says Joanne.

Without any advanced warning, the 2 board members dropped in during the school 1 hour lunch time to deliver the news to the teachers who had to continue teaching that afternoon while still reeling from the news. The week before Joanne Freer and her husband had been in the classroom on Easter Monday doing some repairs to the school equipment. One of the church board members was there as well – saying that they were planning to replace the carpets and paint the school rooms and was asking Joanne what colour she would like the classroom. Clearly not everyone knew the board’s decision. The school has been operating in Heart Lake United Church for over 10 years. Previous to that they held their classes in another church in the area.

As a parent of children in the school and believer in engaged education, I am appealing to you for your help. Please pass this story on to local news and government officials to gain their coverage and support to help us appeal to the church’s board and their Christian morals.
In the meantime, if you know of any space – other organizations – that are looking for a reliable tenant with impeccable values please contact the school at 905-846-3305 or email:



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5 responses to “These Teachers Need Your Help

  1. Thiago Silva

    To All Building Blocks Parents,

    It is time for us to get together and show to the Heart Lake United Church of Canada that their recent decision to terminate the lease agreement with the school has a significant impact not only on the school, but on the lives of 150 families. I had a conversation today with the church minister and looks like some of the issues that the church is concerned are negotiable. I would encourage you to help me form a group of parents to demonstrate the other side of the decision to the church and help facilitate the discussion with the school. I’m confident we can turn this to a newer, long term contract for Building Blocks.



    • Thank you! I look forward to being part of the parental group to work through this.

      • Thiago Silva

        I have left a few messages with the church secretary and minister to have one of the chairs of the board to get in touch with me but so far no reply.
        I’m writing a letter to the Board and will propose that all the parents sign in the next two days when they drop their kids in the school.
        I will hand in this letter on Sunday after their celebration.
        Looks like they are avoiding us. We need to increase the pressure and get them to talk to us.
        Susan, can you send me your e-mail?

  2. Hilary Campbell

    We moved to Canada from N. Ireland to discover our youngest child could not start school here (back home she would have been entering grade1) but we found Buildings Blocks who were exceptional. She learned so much in her year with these teachers and has freinds to this day from Building Blocks. A childs first experience of school is so important it needs to be a positve and nurturing one and Building blocks definitley delivers. She is now in Grade 12 at Mayfield and has the decision of which University to pick!!! This nursery school was our a saving grace – we loved the teachers and their program!!! Heart Lake United you are making a huge mistake – have some HEART and give the families in your communtiy the opportuntiy that we had.
    Hilary Campbell

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