Finding Our Way In The Dark During Earth Hour

Family Bonding Time

Earth Hour in our house is an event. There is lots of anticipation for the day. We look forward to the time we spend together with no electronic toys being used for entertainment – we turn off all of the 21st century gadgets. For weeks before and after, we pretend it is Earth Hour just so we can have some time together talking, laughing and playing.

This year we planned for the day and invited friends to join us – asking them to bring their flashlights for games that night. After dinner, which we had planned to have by candlelight but it was too light to do it this way given the time change, we headed to the basement with our flashlights to play games. First we played hide and seek – or as I like to call it – Firefly. Just like hide and seek, there is one person who is it and the others hide. When the seeker starts looking for everyone, she or he calls out – “Fireflies shine your flashlights” and all of the hiders are to turn their flashlights on and off. The hiders can then move spots in the dark so that they aren’t caught. In our basement, the seekers had the advantage with some light coming in through the windows and the limited number of spots to hide or move to.

We then played Sardines where one person hides and the others have to count. When the group stops counting they then try to find the hider. When each seeker finds the hider they can hide with them. The last person who finds the group becomes the first hider in the next round. In theory, it sounded like a good idea but the seekers were using their flashlights to find the hiders and our basement wasn’t huge so the group knew when the hider had been found. It was more like group seeking than sardines.

All of this fun was had before the clock struck 8:30 and the official Earth Hour began. Our guests left just after 8 and then the Hallsworth’s made up our own activities. In the light from the flashlight on the wall, we made shadow puppets on the wall and tried to guess what they were & made shadow movies with giant versions of ourselves cast on the wall. Lots of laughs and giggles.

Our other activity during Earth Hour is to try to determine what percentage of the community is participating in the international event. Unfortunately as we peered out the window into the night, our neighbours didn’t seem to be bothered about Earth Hour as the majority seemed to have their lights on. We hope that many have all ready recognized Earth Hour on a different day. We hope that more people do take the time to think about their energy consumption and help make a difference.


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