Oh The Fun We Had – Banging Our Drumz and Racing!

I would like toot my family’s horn – or in this case – bang our drum! Our annual family and friends holiday party this year was better than ever – more friends, more family, fabulous food and lots of laughter and screaming. Why? We had some of the area’s best entertainment – Mystic Drumz – and a family-created Amazing Race.

Dave from Mystic Drumz brought not only his drums, but also triangles, bongos, geros and sticks to entertain 25 children of all ages at our house. His hour long combined show and workshop had the children enthralled. His well-rehearsed, comedy-educational program taught the children about different instruments from around the world and gave them hands-on experience with the different instruments. Dave gave each child an instrument and then showed them how to play it. Each group that had the same instrument played a beat lead by Dave. In about a 20 minute period, he had all of the groups of instruments playing as an orchestra this contagious rhythm. The highlight was the youngest musician who was not quite 3, standing in the middle of the orchestra next to Dave, performing his solo – banging his sticks! The energy from this performance was vibrant.

The fun didn’t stop there! After dinner, we had an Amazing Race for all of the children who are 6 and over. We divided the 10 children into teams and gave them their first clue to start the race.
Clue #1 Who is holding your match?
Find the adult holding the matching half to this Christmas card to receive your next clue.
(Each team’s clue envelope held the clue along with half a Christmas card. We had given each adult half of card as well. Not all of the adult halves were matches to the children’s halves – requiring the children to mingle among the adults to find their match.)

Second Leg of the Race:
In the basement you will need to decide which way you want to go.
Detour: Count it or Push It
Count how many gobstoppers are in the jar? Need to be close to the number within 5 to receive your next clue.
Each member of your team must push the gobstopper from the start to the finish using only your nose. Your hands must be behind your back.
When you have completed the Detour you will receive your next clue.

Third leg of the Race:
Roadblock: A Task that Only One Member of Your Team Can Complete
Who is the oldest on your team?

Move an Oreo down your head into your mouth with no hands
When you have completed this task, your team will receive their next clue.

Fourth Leg of the Race:
Think Mint.
Find the adult with the candy canes.
Using only a candy cane held in their mouth, with no hands, each team member must transfer 1 candy cane from the start line to the finish line to receive their team’s next clue.

Fifth Leg of the Race:
Picture It Carefully.
As a team, you must work together to identify the two different characters in each of the pictures.
When you have correctly identified all of the characters, you will receive your next clue.

Sixth leg of the race:
Roadblock: A task for one of your team members. Who is good at doing laundry?

Find the matching pair of mitts or socks to receive your next clue.

Seventh leg of the race:
Cold or colder:
In cold: Team members must each eat 1 of Jack Frost’s fingers. (Pillsbury dough cooked in strips with M&Ms as the finger nails)
In colder; Team members must eat 1 of Jack Frost’s eyeballs. (Jello ice cubes with a M&M or Smartie inserted into the middle)

Once each team member has finished their portion, the team will receive their next clue.

Dig into the slim to receive your next clue. (The slim was cold spaghetti with lots of water. The clues were in Easter egg holders and then inside ziplock bags so they wouldn’t get wet.)

Eighth Leg of the Race:
Santa has Rudolph to show him the way on Christmas Eve. Find Rudolph for your next clue. Rudolph is a stuffed animal that we have as a seasonal decoration. He was among other decorations near our Christmas tree.

The next clue was words cut up in an envelope. Using these words in the envelope, put together a sentence to tell you where the Amazing Race finishes.

Meet Susan at the first mat you walked on when you came into the house.

The race took about 25 minutes for the teams to complete. The children had a great time working together to figure out how to complete the task. Many did some of the tasks multiple times (Oreo and candy cane race) as they had so much fun! The Amazing Race is now a seasonal favourite among our young guests. The Hallsworth adults have a great time creating the ideas for each leg. It is a true family effort!



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2 responses to “Oh The Fun We Had – Banging Our Drumz and Racing!

  1. What a wonderful party! Love the creativity and that the skill level was appropriate for such a large age range! I’m going to borrow some of these ideas for my own annual summer gathering here! (Hope u don’t mind!)

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