Kicking Back Old School

The countdown was on from day one of back to school. “When is Halloween?” asks my youngest son. For him, Halloween is the pinnacle of activities – dressup, make believe, crafts and best of all – the start of our baking season. We bake gingerbread cookies shaped like ghosts and pumpkins and through in a few mummy-like gingerbread men for good measure. This is an activity that we look forward to doing together – just the two of us.

Saturday was spent making the dough. My little man measured and counted how many cups of ingredients were to be added to the bowl. He turned on the mixer and knew when to turn it off. Then he scraped the sides. Once his part was done, his reward was licking the beaters. While the dough chilled in the fridge, we kicked back on the couch to watch a movie. My little guy chose “Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, followed by “Its The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”. While he laughed along with Snoopy and Woodstock, I enjoyed a cuddle with just him and thought I better enjoy this moment now as I have no idea when this will end.

Treats for my son and I

On Sunday, little chef rolled the dough, cut and placed the cookies on the sheet. After the first batch had baked, the first question was – “When can I eat one? Once we had counted out enough for his class (of the non burnt ones), he was able to indulge. Little chef’s smile spread from ear to ear as he munched and crunched on the soft, warm cookie that was made with love. He said over and over again – “Mommy, you make the bestest cookies.” I replied “You helped make them that good.” 

The treat for me is not in the end product of a batch of cookies but rather in spending time with my son. We talk, we laugh and sing songs. It is good mommy and son bonding time with no pressure or rush. I wish we do this more often but I’ll take what I can get. I do know based on my son’s hugs and comments that this time we spend together baking is a special treat for both of us.

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