Is The Bigger Issue – Are Our Educators Failing Our Children?

This weekend, The Globe and Mail published a 6 part series about Failing Boys in education. The research they reference “suggests that boys, as a group, rank behind girls by nearly every measure of scholastic achievement. They earn lower grades overall in elementary school and high school. They trail in reading and writing, and 30 per cent of them land in the bottom quarter of standardized tests, compared with 19 per cent of girls. Boys are also more likely to be picked out for behavioural problems, more likely to repeat a grade and to drop out of school altogether.” (The Globe & Mail, Failing Boys, October 15, 2010)

According to this article, boys are failing because they spend too much time playing video games, the education system is female oriented with female teachers, boys are too proud to ask for help, boys have a hard time sitting still and listening and they have a lack of role models

So many things in the world are personalized – how we receive information and what we choose to receive, our ability to customize our cars and our music and how we express ourselves. We recognize more today than any other generation how unique we are – so why is the education system not recognizing that all children do not learn the same way or have the same interests. Educators need to realize that appealing to childrens’ strengths can allow them to be engaged in learning. Allow boys to read appropriate comic books, let them write stories – even if they are in cartoon format. These are their passions. Fuel their passions and then help guide them through learning. I believe that the more boys and girls are encouraged to follow their passions and given guideance to learn, the stronger our children will be in school.


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