All Child’s Play

Last night my hubby and I watched the movie Grown Ups with Adam Sandler. While not a particularly stellar film, (but there are a few good lines) the sub-plot did give me something to think about. Have children forgotten how to play amongst themselves without video games/ electronic devices? Can they conjur up activities amongst themselves without adult help?

I was going to say it can be a struggle until about 5 minutes ago when I discovered my sons with their friend who has slept over, making up their own game in our basement. Yes, it involved battling but the toys were meant to battle. Eight year old boys seem to be wired for competition. I am happy to say that they came up with this game without any adult intervention (turn off the tv, put away the electronic gaming units) and they seem to be playing happily together. I am curious to see how this play evolves – inevitably someone gets hurt or someone gets bored or both. The good news is they are entertaining themselves and interacting with each other better than I expected. Perhaps I need to raise my expectations or trust my children and their friends more.


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  1. Joanne Freer

    That’s my mantra at BBNS. We try to leave an environment where the children do use their imagination and work out their play and problem sorting out. As a teacher it is fun to observe. Starting in JK sensory is much less important, role playing is very important! and with that rules, they want to know how to play fair, hence you find more tattling, they are trying to make order of their world.

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