Outstanding Entertainment for Children

My boys were fortunate that their nana was able to take them our local library last week to experience the interactive Zoo Tek show. (www.zootek.net)

When I came home from work, they (including my mother-in-law) told me all about the rabbit, the snakes, the lizards that they learned about and were able to touch. My youngest told me about pretending to be a pirate – he had a parrot on his shoulder. Given the amount of conversation over dinner, it was an outstanding hour of entertainment for the children and the parents – where everyone came away learning something.

I was surprised that the boys didn’t ask us if we could have a pet. I have been waiting for this question for 8 years and have never been asked or pestered. We have had fish but they were not very exciting or interactive and ended up being more work for me – wish they made a self cleaning tank or fish came with instant pooper scoopers.

Zootek gave the boys a peek at animals – I hope this carries them over for a little bit longer before we get the “Can we have a pet?” question. Let’s see.


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