Picture This!

As we prepared for the long weekend with lots of family (ie. Adults, no other children) at the cottage, two Canon PowerShot cameras appeared – one each for our boys – giving them permission to explore technology while creating and capturing weekend memories. 

Self portrait by a 5 year old

The dynamic duo quickly took to creating crazy videos – imaginations running wild. They were journalists, storytellers, cartoon characters coming to life.  Then they were natural, wildlife and self portrait photographers – taking pictures of every duck, frog, wildflower, statue, tree in the garden as well as flames dancing in the fire.

Our eldest captured family members as they gazed upon an activity, relaxed on the boat or sleeping on the deck. Our youngest was an abstract artist – snapping portions of subjects – giving the viewer the opportunity to interpret what they could see – portions of deck chairs, t-shirts, waves.

Our eldest is now creating a photojournal and our youngest has created a brag book of everything he has seen. Either way they are expressing themselves and excited about what they are doing. I hope this has started a passion for photography for both of them – if nothing else some great memories have been captured!


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