Turning the joke on boys and their reading habits

Today there has been a fair amount of press about boys and developing their reading skills. The Globe and Mail’s article summarizes the opportunity and the authors of boy humour books.


Other books that I have found help to encourage boys to read are comic books  – Scooby Doo, Sonic, etc. We read these together and talk about the story. My youngest also enjoys tracing the pictures and colouring – practicing his artistic skills.

My eldest son loves to read the Bone’s series of books. The pictures are fun – the stories are basic but he enjoys reading them. He also enjoys reading french comic books – Tintin and Asterix.

Discover french comic books

Once he has read a portion of one of these books – he often enjoys creating his own comic book which encourages his creative writing. I don’t think that the school system encourages enough creative writing – where are the short story exercises as homework? Fortunately, during free time at school, my son and his friends have taken it upon themselves to create their own stories and comic book characters.

Help feed your children’s creative minds. Many libraries have comic books to borrow. Take some home and relive your childhood with them.


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