Growing A Love For Reading

One of my most vivid memories of my family summer holidays was stretching out in the back seat of our submarine coloured station wagon and devouring book after book as the family mobile wound its way along the great Canadian highway to our next campsite. 

As I became a mom, I vowed I would pass on my love for reading to my children. From the moment my first son was born, I would read to him the classics that I had enjoyed – The World of Og, Charlotte’s Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For my eldest, reading has come very naturally to him just like running or walking. He has been able to read without much effort since the age of 3.

For my youngest son, reading requires work and sometimes is a struggle. While he loves to have a funny story read to him, (his favourite being Munsch’s “I have to go”) he is reluctant to read out to me.

Both of my boys love going to the local library to discover new stories and new facts (I think we are starting to wear out the Wizardology and Dragonology books). Last week, we discovered the TD Summer Reading Program at our library. My eldest – shy of doing what he perceives as school work – was not thrilled with the idea of registering. My youngest – always the first to volunteer for most things- said “where do I sign my name”. 

Great for children to discover the joy of reading

I am now a big fan of the program which is encouraging all of us to spend time listening to each other read – anywhere, anytime – poolside, at the breakfast table, at bedtime, in the middle of the afternoon under a tree.

The potential prize at the end of the summer is not the draw. The big win is to see the smile on our boys’ faces as they realize how many books they have read from beginning to end this summer. More importantly for me is to see them develop their love for reading. Together, we devour favourites and make new ones. I hope the lazy days of summer go on forever with a good book and great company.


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