Celebrating Teachers!

Mrs Freer and Mrs Sanger motivate their students to learn

Mother’s Day may be today but my memorable event was really on Friday – thanks to the wonderful teachers at Building Blocks Nursery School.

For the last 6 years I have had a child in their school and I have enjoyed a number of Mother’s Day teas but the best was this year’s with more impromptu comments from the students and additions to the curriculum.

 The Senior Kindergarten class had a Bill Cosby-like discussion about their mothers. When they were asked what they thought their moms did while they were at school, one child replied “My mom naps”. The conversation was priceless. The Junior Kindergarten class has been learning sign language and sang a heart warming song about their mothers using voices and actions.”I think you are wonderful, I think you are marvelous, I think you are beautiful and magical and filled with curiosity and…………dreams!”

Following the concert, we were treated to tea and cakes with our children. Mrs Freer explained to the parents some of the updates to the curriculum. My 4 year old is loving spelling tests! They are doing science experiments! The SK students are learning about punctuation and are writing stories.

Children are excited to learn at Building Blocks. They are inquisitive, encouraged and loved. What more could a mother want?!

Thank you Building Blocks for all that you give my child and myself!

http://www.buildingblocksns.ca/about-us/tour-the-school.htmlBuilding Blocks Nursery School



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3 responses to “Celebrating Teachers!

  1. Joanne Freer

    Thank you Susan for the wonderful note!

  2. Beautifully written Susan.

    This year’s tea party at BBNS was definitely the best yet. From hearing about teachers who’d lost their mothers this past year to the JK sign langauge song ittruly was an extremely touching and meaningful time. There wasn’t a mother in that room whose emotions weren’t stirred.

    The tea party at school this year reminded me of how lucky and fortunate I am to be a mother. Traditionally, Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate and show gratitude towards our own mothers, but this year I’m dwelling on the fact that my children are a precious blessing to me. They’re not lucky or blessed to have me as mum as much I am blessed and grateful to have them.

    Thanks BBNS for reminding me that my children are precious gifts and that being their mother is an privillege and honour.

    BBNS truly is a school for parents as much as it is for children.

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