Slow Down To Speed Up

Days are crazy busy with more meetings, more emails, more errands, more after school activities, and more homework. With everything going faster and faster, eventually there could be a pile up at the Hallsworth house as we collapse needing more rest and relaxation.

This year, we decided some impromptu fun is just what we need on the weekends to break out of the cycle. On one of the first bright sunny spring days we tried out our new bikes, including the ride-along attachment for my youngest, on the TransCanada Trail. Just us – no blackberries, no cell phones, no DS, no MP3 players, no friends – just us and our bikes.  

With a stop at the general store as the treasure at the end of the trail, the boys set off as if they were in a race. My 8 year old zoomed ahead, quickly learned that not all dogs were on leashes and how to politely ask people to make room to pass. Meanwhile my youngest, pedaling (or not) on his ridealong with me, often pleaded – “Go faster, mommy. No stopping.” At one pit stop, where I rested my saddle seat, he loudly exclaimed, “Get back on the bike. I have lots of energy.”

We all took something away from this adventure. Apart from rediscovering some infrequently used muscles, I found a new fun family outing that doesn’t cost a lot of money, is great exercise, clears my head of worries and facilitates the creation of family memories. Plus  if all goes well, the boys are worn out at the end leading to a good night’s sleep. The boys discovered the joy of simple activities that don’t need batteries – counting the number of dogs we meet, racing sticks down the stream at the picnic stop, and setting goals for how far can we go next time.


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