Think and Be Young

When was the last time you, as an adult, reverted back to your childhood and look at things from a child’s perspective? And I don’t mean after a few drinks.

Make the time and be a child again with your child. Don’t let anything impede your thoughts or comments or actions. Spend the afternoon imagining – with art supplies, forts and costumes, stories. Where do you go? What do you dream?  

Parents and children can learn so much from their quality time together. Understand what your child’s passions are and encourage them to grow. Give them the tools and let them chart the course. Remove your creative boundaries – what do you wish and dream? Some free time with skills and interests can foster amazing outcomes for all involved.  

I encourage you to watch and listen  this speech by Adora Svitak, a 12 year old whiz kid, with an important message for all adults – young and old.


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  1. garth

    Wonderful thoughts Susan, sharing an activity – like art is what it’s all about – watching tv together is a very poor substitute. G.

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